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You plan thousands of things while visiting any place. Whether you are planning your holidays or you are migrating to another place, you always want to find some wonders and entertaining places where you can enjoy your weekends. Dubai is a city of huge buildings and great wonders, and the population in the city is said to be more than 80% of expats. This means that people from all over the world; especially, from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh are working in this city. This city has some many wonders and beautiful places like Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Beach, and Port De La Mer Dubai.


No doubt why Dubai has become a famous holiday destination. The land is known for its ultra-modern architect and high-tech utilization. The climate of the land is still harsh as one cannot control the climate, but the desert area is a beauty in itself.


Here are some unusual places that you might not know



The big red is a little bit away from Dubai, so if you are wanting to visit the big red, you need to get out of the city on Hatta road. As you drive further from the coast, you will witness the desert changing its colour from grey-white to golden, which further deepens into an orange-red colour desert, and that is the big red. Here one of the world’s most dangerous dune bashing is done that you may not want to take part in. Just seeing this sport can give you chills and unlimited excitement, but don’t be too excited and reckless if you get involved in the sport, as it is too dangerous.



The deserts are not something you witness on a daily basis. So it is recommended that if you visit one, you make it worth it. You can join a group that offers some trip packages with some necessary supplies and professionals to take you into the deep desert and give you the experience you never had. You must see the land at the sunrise and sunset to admire the beauty of this nature. Staying over a night in the desert is a must for you, as this is a whole new situation to encounter, sleeping in an open area with cold sandy winds. Several companies offer a ride in the desert, and you can ride a bike or drive 4×4 in the desert with your friends or family.




The quad bike is so fun, but it just requires a bit of courage to ride it in the desert. In Dubai, you will find a lot of companies that offer bikes, overnight camping, and dinner in the desert.


If you prefer comfort over driving by yourself, you can just sit with someone or skip this activity and just do camping for a night. But we must say that you should try it once as it will be something you will remember for your whole life.


if camping sounds no fun to you, but you still want to enjoy the desert, then you can visit the famous truck of ‘Rainbow Sheikh’ for a two-day adventurous trip with hotel stays.



There are many sports played all over the world, and you see them on your smartphones or television and wonder if you would play them, we know that Polo is among one of them. The Dubai Polo Club is offering this activity, and the professionals here will teach you. You can just visit the place with your friends and enjoy playing this cool sport.


Now here is the most interesting part of this game, you don’t play it on the horse, but you have to play the game on the camel. This thing amazes everyone, who is a fan of the Polo Game. The Dubai Polo Club also offers restaurants and a spa for relaxation.


There is so much more to Dubai that you might not be knowing. So we recommend, if you are planning to visit or to shift in Dubai, do some research on the city, and you will surely get plenty of things on your list. If you are a fan of opulent apartments and villas, then you will witness many of wonders of these kinds in Dubai, we might name some of them like District One Villas, Dubai Creek Villas, and Jumeirah Beach Residence villas.